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We offer a number of hearing and audiological services at our Lakewood, NJ and Brooklyn, NY locations.

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Hearing Tests

At Hearite, we offer comprehensive hearing exams with a certified audiologist. Our hearing exams include a consultation, physical examination, and a series of hearing tests. We will identify issues related to your hearing and work with you to find solutions toward better hearing health. Please visit our hearing exam section for more information on the exam process.

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Hearing Aid Evaluations

Whether you are using your first pair of hearing aids, or you’ve had one for years, it is important to make sure that your hearing aid is up to date. If you are experiencing problems with your hearing aid, such as with sound quality and speech recognition, visit us at Hearite for a hearing aid evaluation. We’ll help you determine if it is an issue with the hearing aid itself, or if an updated hearing exam is necessary to update your hearing aids.

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Fittings & Programming

Fittings & Programming

Hearing is a very personal sense, and differs person to person. At Hearite, we customize all hearing aid fits to give you the most comfortable experience. Also, we know that all people experience sound differently. As such, we ensure that your hearing aid programs serve your hearing needs best.

Hearing Aid Repair

Though hearing aids are resilient devices, they do need maintenance from time to time. Because they are sophisticated electronic devices, we recommend that you bring in your hearing aids for repairs with our specialists. We’ll give you a time frame for repairs. We know that your hearing aids are an integral part of your daily life, so we’ll work with you if your hearing aids require more than a day. Visit us to learn more about our hearing aid repair Lakewood services. 

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Tinnitus Management

We understand the frustrating experience of tinnitus. At Hearite, we specialize in helping people with tinnitus. We will identify your tinnitus and work with you to find solutions to treating it. Hearing aids with tinnitus therapy is a common treatment for tinnitus. For more information the ringing of the ears, please visit our section on tinnitus.

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Balance Disorders

Balance disorders tend to interfere with our balance, making us feel dizzy or unsteady. Even when you are lying down, you may find that the room is spinning. One common balance disorder is vertigo. Hearite specializes in identifying and treating balance disorders. Our balance system is closely linked to our auditory system. Our audiologists will discuss your symptoms with you, and determine the cause of your balance disorder, whether it is located in your auditory system or related to another condition.

Balance Disorders
Custom Hearing Protection

Custom Hearing Protection

Hearing loss is treatable, but it is not curable. As such, hearing loss prevention is important to us at Hearite. People are exposed to many different levels of noise during the day. On the job noise may lead to long term hearing damage if it is not prevented. Recreational noise, such as hunting or loud rock concerts, also causes potential risk to your hearing. Hearite offers custom hearing protection and ear plugs for diverse sound environments. Custom hearing protection is made from a mold of your ear and filters out the hazardous sounds you may encounter. From musicians to construction workers, we help you protect your hearing while you’re doing what you love.

Assistive Listening Devices

For hearing aid wearers or people who just need extra amplification, we offer assistive listening devices. Assistive listening devices use infrared or FM technology to capture sounds you want to hear, and amplify them for your listening experience. ALDs are available for your home entertainment system as well as portable devices for areas that post particularly difficult for listening, such as concert halls or public transportation hubs. Visit at Hearite to discuss your options.

Assistive Listening Devices